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Welcome to, publishers and distributors of fine books and products relating to the Bush War.  

We welcome hearing from you, please feel free to call, or drop us a mail with your suggestions or comments. was established in 2006 in Sandton, South Africa by Manie Grove, at the behest of Colonel Jan Breytenbach DVR, SD, SM,MMM, the founding OC of the "RECCES", 32 Battalion, 44 Parachute Brigade and the Guerrilla Warfare School. 

The name is also the website address, but encompasses what we are about - making sure that the truth of the Bush War is told, free of political slant, brutally honest, told by the men who actually were there on the ground - not by armchair military historians or self styled experts. 

The history of the invincible SADF will thus be preserved. 

Our first title, "Eagle Strike", by Colonel Jan Breytenbach, is acclaimed as the most complete and accurate account of the Airborne assault on the SWAPO base at Cassinga, by Paratroopers, most of them "campers", in other words, men who had completed their compulsory military national service, who were now "civilians", but called up to do duty. 

"The Tempered Sword" is the most accurate and entertaining account of Operation Savannah, the war of1975 in Angola, the exploits of Bravo Group, led by Col Jan Breytenbach, which led to the formation of 32 Battalion.

This book is fully equipped with very accurate maps, battle plans, as well as the attacks on many of the major key-points during this campaign. 

Both these volumes are a must for any historian, military buff, or just someone with an interest in the Bush War- written by the greatest soldier in modern South African military history. 


We have also added a facility for Paratroopers to order memorabilia from the comfort of their homes.